A Kingdom is Born!

Fort Evergreen, formerly the Staglords base of operations, has been successfully established along with a few other settlements in the wilderness. A year later, the new kingdom though struggling is beginning to thrive. (600XP)

Now secure, Duncan and the others begin exploring west – running into a group of Gnomes who say there is some sort of dispute going on with some loggers off in the distance.

After securing the glade which a Nyxie was defending – the group moved east and camped overnight. During the watch, an owlbear attacked the camp but was easily defeated by the explorers before settling back to sleep (300XP)

Slade, still in his bed shorts merely looked up – looking disinterested and fell back asleep ignoring the newly bleeding Owlbear carcass.

Encounter: Scythe Tree (800XP)
After a days march across the forest, the expedition reached a pond containing beautiful oak trees, one of which containing a Dryad. After Duncan and the others explained the situation with the Nyxie and the loggers, a strategy was developed to defeat the evil tree and continue the symbiotic relationship between the private logging company and the Dryad.

The battle was pitched – even after the Cavalier clearly wanted to burn it to the ground and risk a forest fire. But stronger heads prevailed and though tough the battle was won. The Dryad awarded feather tokens for the loss of the trees earlier. And the expedition returned to Fort Evergreen.

End of Session RP (600XP)

Encounter Barghast (600XP)



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